2016 La Buena Espera Sauvignon Blanc

So we decided to give the Weekend Wine Club a chance [nothing crazy just documented wine on the weekend] and it seemed to work out okay! We Love being able to include all of our viewers on our Wednesday Wine Club videos so this actually worked out well because we were reviewing Direct Cellars!

Sunday afternoon was blistering hot with a very [though sparse] refreshing breeze. Typical Summer time in Florida! We started setting up outside under the hot sun but shifted around the house to a slightly shady spot! Luckily we pre chilled the Sauvignon Blanc much as we LOVE red wine, that was not going to cut it!

Our free subscription box this month came with La Buena Espera [the chilled] Sauvignon Blanc. Coming out of Spain this was a first for us! Typically when we pop open a Sauvignon Blanc they are out of New Zealand so we were unsure of what to expect.

Just by looking down into our glass we knew we were in for a treat. A pale yellow Sauvignon Blanc was staring back at us. When smelling around for an aroma we found a pleasant scent of honey. Oddly when we swirled our glasses to open it up we found a much different aroma; more of a tart mango/grapefruit. Then again when the wine settled the honey was back.

We were skeptical when tasting this “Sauvignon Blanc”. I say that with quotations because at this point we were calling this wine a Chardonnay, because it shared so many characteristics. Sure enough once we sipped the wine, Yup! Chardonnay, Hey! [it wasn’t really that exciting.. it just rhymed] Dry, light, fresh, low tannin, loving chardonnnnnnnay! It wasn’t labeled wrong, and we are not crazy. It was acting as a chardonnay so it was just easier to call it what it was – keeping it real guys! With tastes of grapefruit and honey, this wine went well with a day so sunny! [see what I did there]

On to the next! I mean there is not much in this club outside of wine but to be specific; Direct Cellars! You can get in on this “too good to be true” subscription box as well! For as low as $49.99 you are IN! Then if you refer only 3 friends your wine is FREE!! If you need some more info please email us at senduswine@gmail.com, or check out the website! There is a link on the left banner of our website (click the Direct Cellars logo) or just click here.

If you missed the Live video watch it here

Our Ratings-

La Buena Espera


Direct Cellars

☆☆☆☆☆ [I mean free wine, people..]


Thanks for joining us!


Join us Wednesday for a Head-to-Head Challenge of canned wines featuring Mancan & Backpack!


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