Elouan Rosé at Shore Thing Cigars

A few weeks ago we decided to take this show on the road. We chose Shore Thing Cigars for our first live on the road experience and luckily they agreed to our visit! The crew at Shore Thing Cigars was so hospitable from the beginning! They sent us a their wine list so we could pick the wine most accessible to all of you! From that we chose a 2015 Elouan Rosé.


The night sure came with a few hiccups; this seems to be an unfortunate pattern. We arrived to Shore Thing Cigars early to avoid any potential connection problems. Well, it seems that on occasion that is out of our control. Last week it was a storm, this week it was a problem with the network in our area. No worries! We recorded the live show; you can view it here!

The name Elouan means “Good Light” which is thought to bring cool summers and abundant sunshine in the Oregon Valleys. We love to do a little research about our wine before we enjoy it; while doing so we found that Elouan is created by our beloved Wagner Family! As we said in the video, we will try to avoid bringing them up in every single conversation with you.. but not today! It’s no wonder we love this rosé so much!

Elouan has 13.1% alcohol content, the flavor makes it seem much lighter however. The color hues were very pale salmon. The aromas were light and youthful opening a bouquet of citrus and apricot! Each swirl opened up another aroma and the longer we spend smelling this wine the more depth we found. The taste was very surprising to us. We expected a very acidic taste but that was not the case! The acidity was fresh which balanced well with the off dry, light body. Similar to the aromas, each taste left us with a different flavor. We found everything from cherry to grapefruit, and mandarin orange to pomegranate. Tasting this wine with different regions of the tongue made the experience of this review full of surprises. Every time we took a taste we looked at each other with surprise, constantly finding new flavors and smells.

Elouan was fantastic and Shore Thing Cigars nothing short of spectacular. While most cigar lounges are dark with mahogany wood and low lighting; Shore Thing Cigars is bright with whites, blues and reclaimed wood. The lounge is appealing to not only women but anyone visiting sunny Florida. They have a beautiful cigar humidor that is very inviting to walk through. There you will find many types of cigars. If you need some help picking one out, no worries, the staff is extremely helpful and full of knowledge! No matter your level of expertise they are happy to help you choose the right cigar for you!

The wine selection at Shore Thing Cigars was the most surprising to us – that’s kind of why we were there you know… We were expecting a cool cigar lounge with a few wines to choose from … we were wrong! They had several labels we have tried before, and a few we have not. Co-owner, Paul Copeland, introduced us to a couple of his favorite wines, both of which have been added to the list of our favorites. We plan to enjoy and review them in the weeks to come… it’s a tough job guys but someone has to do it. 

Conclusion: Elouan was a rosé full of great surprises. We will be revisiting it as it’s as jumped the list in our ratings! Shore Thing Cigars is a Shore Thing! (see what we did there..) The crew was amazing, the atmosphere was light, fun and the evening was unforgettable. 

Our Rating:

Elouan Rosé


Shore Thing Cigars


Next Week: Join Us LIVE from The Gulf! Where we will be enjoying Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc



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