2016 Miraval Provence Rosé

Summer in the South requires a tasty and refreshing beverage! This summer our favorite has been Miraval Provence Rosé. Though we have had it once or twelve times (stop judging) it is a wine you can enjoy time and time again!

This particular Wednesday Wine Club LIVE came roaring in with a big storm, literally. I apologize if you were trying to watch us live and were disconnected. It’s not you, its us (seriously, this isn’t a breakup.) We were kicked off the live feed about three times before we called it quits and grabbed our cellphones, unlimited data thanks to AT&T.   The quality may not have been as great as other times but it did the trick. We were successfully able to make it through the Wednesday Wine Club LIVE segment without any major spills…. except for that giant, insanely wasteful, spill from Whitney’s wine glass.* That was not a product flaw just an operator error.

Our review was shorter than usual but we did not leave out any details thanks to our tasting notes! (Get yours here!) Some of them are a little hard to read (see * above) and we slightly rushed through the list being unsure about our connection – But no fear! They are here!

This specific bottle was a 2016, I have not met a vintage of Miraval that I did not love! Miraval is consistently a very light pink color depth with a perfectly clear clarity! Its low intensity accents its youthful citrus aromas. While the color and smell are light, Miraval does not skip a beat in flavor! The light off-dry taste is a perfectly balanced combination of low tannins and fruitful flavors. It starts off sweet with a citrus dry finish!

This modern tasting rosé is definitely here to stay! Miraval is owned by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, yes they still own it! Through the divorce some were skeptical about its future, sources have said it’s here to stay! Hooray!!

Conclusion: We Love it! For us it’s strictly a warm weather wine; good thing we live in the South! Cold weather season is very short here so bring on the rosé!

Our Rating:


Join us next week LIVE with Elouan rosé at Shore Thing Cigars!(Maybe Luke Bryan will show up; probably not but Fingers Crossed)


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