2013 Amaryllis Cabernet Sauvignon

We set out to explore the wine shop for some new favorites. An associate of the shop suggested Amaryllis based on some of our (already) favorite wines.

*Alcohol: 14.8% + Summer Afternoon.. whoa

Amaryllis color depth was dark which was my second clue that this was going to be a very bold red wine (for first clue see *.) The color was a deep garnet, almost brick red! First swirl and I was positive that we were in for a powerful taste as we were met with a strong cinnamon spice aroma.

With a bone dry, full body; Amaryllis contains a high level of tannins. The flavor delivered a powerful tart raspberry with a hint of black cherry. With such a long finish this is definitely a wine you will want to sip on.

If we have ever had a wine that deserved a giant steak, it would be this! We instead paired it with a girls day/ Sunday afternoon after a long weekend.

Conclusion: Amaryllis is a powerful cabernet sauvignon which deserves to be an evening wine!

Our personal rating:



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