2015 Layer Cake Cabernet Sauvignon

Layer Cake set out with a goal while creating their label “find great vineyards that allow us to make a rich, delicious wine that tastes like a $50 but costs less than $20.” Well, Layer Cake delivered!

This was a true authentic first tasting, often we circulate our favorite wines but we wanted to try something new. We have noticed Layer Cake showing up on all of our social media platforms, and we easily found it in our favorite wine shop! I mean, there is a cake on the label, you can’t miss it! YUM!

With a rich dark color and a 13.5% alcohol level; we were expecting a bold, full body Cabernet Sauvignon. Layer Cake was just that, in all the right ways. The aroma was filled with youthful berries. The taste was an off-dry, fresh bouquet with low tannins. The combination left our taste buds with a delicate plum and rich dark chocolate masterpiece.

We had a great crowd for our Wednesday Wine Club LIVE. With some new friends joining us we were eager to get the night started! – A friend of wine is a friend of mine!

During the LIVE event we also introduced our new giveaways, a Wednesday Wine Club official wine glass with an added secret bonus! If you hope to win, join us for Wednesday Wine Club LIVE on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Join in the conversation during our live tasting for details on how to win each week! We look forward to having you join the club!

Conclusion: You CAN have your cake and DRINK it too!

We rate this wine:




Coming up next week: Miraval Provence

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