2014 Caymus Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Welcome to the 2014 Caymus debut.. Not the Caymus Vineyard debut (shockingly we weren’t invited to that.. ) but the Wednesday Wine Club LIVE debut!

We started the night with plenty of hiccups (not the chest contractions but the technical difficulty kind).  From Facebook live malfunctions to missing bottles of wine; we were really struggling. This was our FIRST Wednesday Wine Club Live so we wanted it to go perfectly.. which means it was doomed from the start!

No worries, all went well, or at least better than expected. I will give you a small recap for any readers who may have missed the live video.

We are the Wednesday Wine Club; we are just like a book club except toss the book and grab a glass of wine instead!! Awesome right?! We are here for fun, friends, laughter and well of course WINE!

For our first live event we wanted to celebrate. What better way to celebrate than with a bottle of the Wagner family’s very own, Caymus?! It’s the perfect cabernet sauvignon. With a deep ruby red swirl of your glass you will likely smell a soft, youthful aroma filled with plum and blackberry. This is just where the experience begins. Give it a good swirl and a taste at the tip of your tongue. Here we found a dry, medium body cabernet delivering flavors of black cherry and black currants. With a long finish, every sip is worth savoring.

Conclusion: Caymus is the Best Wine Ever. We cannot express enough how much we love this cabernet sauvignon.

Pairs well with: Special moments. Before we went live there was a minute when the madness stopped, before we hit the LIVE button. We grabbed our glasses and said “here it goes, cheers” and we took a sip… Our glass of Caymus was perfect in that moment.

Caymus is a special bottle to us, its the first top shelf bottle we bought, its the one we always joke about opening on a random Thursday night (who does that…)

Our Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆



Did you miss the Wednesday Wine Club LIVE? Watch it here.

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