2015 Locatour Cabernet Sauvignon



Most people begin wine shopping with a general idea of what bottle they are taking home; we are not most people.

Lo·ca·tour was actually a buy one get one (BOGO) deal so how could we say no to that?! Actually, it was entirely impossible so we originally bought six bottles… we took a chance! Now we are totally hooked.

This specific bottle was a 2015 Lo·ca·tour Cabernet Sauvignon. We reviewed this wine with one of our new tasting guides- while drinking the wine, so bear with me…

The color depth was a dark red so we were expecting a powerful scent and smell. We were pleasantly surprised with a moderate youthful aroma and medium body. It was much lighter than expected which makes this cabernet very easy to drink (probably why its getting tough to make sense of the written review.) The body was well balanced with a short but flavorful finish.

Lo·ca·tour pairs well a best friend, a casual night & a lot of laughter – maybe a little Luke Bryan playing in the background. “Yeah, that’s my kind of night!”



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